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On behalf of Hume City Football Club I wanted to make a quick statement on certain stigmas we hear in relation to our club and our supposed opinions and club rules on our players attending TIDC programs.

Hume City will never stop any player from attending the TIDC programs and never has done previously. Ever since the  program was introduced we have had multiple players training with TIDC each year including this years 2021 program.

We believe the confusion comes with our stance on nominations for the program.

Clubs are asked to nominate a select number of players from each team, each year. This is something we have refused to do for multiple reasons.

An example in footballing terms; 

What Hume City believe to be the perfect attributes to play a position may differ from the FV’s philosophy.

An example in real life terms;

We have around 18 players/parents in each squad. The chance that we may look bias during selection is something we are not interested in.

We believe that all the players should have the same opportunity to earn their selection. 

Hume City have very open conversations with FV in relation to this matter, encourage FV to scout our matches and select players to invite into their program based on their own opinions.

So you could say we nominate EVERY player. 

A players decision to join the TIDC training program is theirs and only theirs to make. 

We support our players who attend and who choose not to attend. This will never change.


Rick Cekic




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