Captains Corner Vol 17.1

So i finally found something to talk about as i appear back  for the first time in 2017.

In the football world the ups and downs are incredibly frequent. In so many situations we concentrate only on the 1st team and forget the people who in Victorian football are the life and sole of our football clubs.

I really wanted to take a mid season moment to say a huge well done and thanks to all our players, coaches and parents!

I took a couple of moments this morning to check how our NPL teams were going and to my great satisfaction i found all our teams from under 14’s to under 18’s all top of their respective leagues, and our fantastic under 13 team second on goal difference.

This is no small effort so please take a few moments to think about all the things you have had to do, and sacrifice to achieve this.

Thats the UP…

The moment to double your efforts is now. I hope that every other team will continue to improve over the season which means being as good as you are at this current moment will not be enough.

We have also introduced extra female teams and miniroo teams this season. We have a huge responsibility now as a club to continue the development of an incredible group of talented kids!


Over the past few weeks we have seen two new faces make their senior league debuts for our 1st team after progressing through the ranks of our junior system. Karl Baricevic making his debut off the bench against Heidelberg and Hayden Tennant starting against Knights on Friday night.

As a player who graduated, so to speak, through a youth system into a senior squad overseas i understand how hard it is to get that chance you need to prove your ability!

So to Karl and Hayden, and the rest of the junior players at Hume City…  Improve everyday, there is no rush to progress early. If you work hard, you will get your chance when you are ready.

Bit of an in house post – so If anyone non Hume City actually reads this….. My Bad.



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