JUNIORS | Hume City Under 12’s making most of its chances

In sport we often talk about ‘blocks’ of matches coming up.

More than a month ago the Under 12 team knew of a block of matches approaching that would determine where they stood in the pecking order of their league. With leading teams Melbourne Knights, Green Gully and Sunshine George Cross lurking ominously on the radar the boys knew great challenges waited.

Throughout it all, the message to the boys was as long as you prepare well and do your best the coaches, team manager and parents would be proud. Speaking of parents I’d like to thank the Under 12 parent group for their positivity and support throughout 2016. I’ve had the good fortune of sharing my thoughts with parents and listening to their views as these games approached. It seemed to me that we pretty much felt the same. That the boys had done really well to get themselves into a position in the league where they were part of the conversation of being a good team. It was great to hear that many of the mums and dads felt the same pride in the boys and that win, lose or draw we were enjoying a great journey together. As a parent of two boys playing football at Hume City I remind myself often that these are times to be cherished and that it won’t last forever.

I’m pleased to say that the team successfully managed to get through that block but I also want to point out that comes second to the fact that it was the way that they approached the challenge that pleased the coaches and team manager the most. They trained with purpose and listened, learned and made great efforts to keep improving.

Eren Arslan has developed well throughout the season. His courage and  goalkeeping skill set is enhanced by his improvement in decision-making and his delivery of positive information to teammates. Aydin Cekic has become a reliable player who uses his pace and physicality to his advantage and together we are working on making even quicker decisions during play that will elevate his game to another level. Ahmed Abbas has worked on his game and contributed well when given the opportunity, being a major influence in some clever passages of play. Darius Mihaljevic’s ‘Game Sense’ is very good and he has a nice first touch and a good passing game that will be further enhanced as he matures physically. Emre Saglam is a lovely little footballer who many football purists love to watch ply his trade. Zain Balla is another who has ‘football smarts’ and he’s hit the net a couple of times in big moments. Look out when he physically matures as well! Jae Ciarma is a real ‘Mr Fix It’ and continually stands up to be counted in the big games and big moments. Ethan Alcantara is a versatile and hard working player who will give himself great opportunities in the future because as he gets stronger he will start to dominate games. Eren Onur is deceptively quick and has a lovely left foot. He reads the game well and can contribute going forward and back. Jake Najdovski has had an incredible season scoring many goals but more importantly he seems to get them in the biggest moments, which is a sign of a good player. Kaan Elibol delivers week after week always putting the team first and he’s been a real weapon going forward. Deha Kurul continues to haunt opposition defences with his pace, strength and power and he’s hit the net many times. Bayram Yetismis is possibly the best defender in the league with his brilliant reading of the play and instinctive decision making. Lucas Trenkovski also reads the play well and is a good tackler and an intelligent user of the football. Max Krysinski is a real talent who plays box to box with great purpose, skill and flair. Kayra Ulku is another boy who can play a number of positions with good effect and he is a very smart player who I see developing well as he continues to apply himself and love the game. Nathan Talevski is a boy who deserves great credit because has worked hard on his aerobic capacity in his own time, which has allowed him to become one of the team’s most important contributors.

And right there in Nathan’s recent story and application is the most important message. It’s not our position on the ladder that is nearly as important as the efforts to improve, week by week, month by month. If you do that the results look after themselves. After many years of coaching I can honestly say that this group of boys is a joy to coach for that very reason. Keep up the good work boys.

Cheers Coops

Recent Results

Hume City 2 d Melbourne Knights 0

Werribee City 2 def. by Hume City 3

Hume City 10 d Bendigo 0

Hume City 3 d Green Gully 0

Hume City 3 d St Albans 1

Sunshine GX  1 def. by Hume City 2


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