Captains Corner : Vol 16.3

I hope we are all looking forward to the week ahead! We had a huge SAP gala day at the club, Saturday 21st May, with 30 teams of talented both boys and girls heading down to ABD Stadium and showcasing their skills.

I couldn’t be more happy for coach Bianca and the Under 16 girls team notching up their first league win last Sunday. Hume City’s first ever 3 points in the female game!! The team is only a few months old but has already been through so much, I hope it brings you girls closer together and we rack up a few more points!!

Finally we have seen Tom Cahill put on a Hume City shirt. A solid 90 minutes against Port Melbourne after not playing a competitive match for over 6 months is some effort. Interesting fact for you; myself and Tom worked together back in 2012, doing a bit of coaching for Brazilian Soccer Schools, now called The Football Factory Melbourne. Foyr years on from being wide eyed working holiday travellers, we have finally managed to get in the same line up together, with Tom now a permanent resident of Australia and myself about to apply!

On that note I will give a shout out to Duncan, our former boss and top bloke. For anyone in and around coburg who fancy’s some Bubble Soccer action visit his website: and get in touch with him. Its great fun for both kids and adults!!

Good luck at the weekend folks, stay tuned for Vol 16.4, gonna give away a pair of boots!!!!!!


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