Captain’s Corner : Vol 16.1

We are coming to the end of a huge couple of weeks.

After a couple of defeats we have got back to winning ways and I have no doubt that the youth system at our great club played a major role in achieving the back to back victories.

Wednesday night saw Jonas Markovski come off the bench to make his Senior debut at the age of 17. This added to 17 year old’s Deniz Yildiz and Kristian Trajceski who played full 90 mins for the second game in a row.

The young men have brought unbelievable attitudes and ability to our dressing room and I could not be happier for them.

The ‘Hume City Youth Model’ is working.

I would like to congratulate Dean Hennessy our Technical Director and all his coaches, you are doing a fantastic job.

From David Chick with the Under 20’s all the way down to our miniroo coaches. In recent months I have seen first hand that the coaches are pushing their players to limits never before reached, asking them to replicate our senior team in training and matches. This process can been seen at all age groups. I have no doubt that this has a huge part to play in how easily the players have fit into the senior game.

I am excited to see the next generation of players to make their way into our senior squad. We are becoming a fantastic breeding ground for young footballers, producing players who have been offered skilleroo’s, Vic state squads and NTC spots. Most satisfying for me is that we have players turning down these offers to stay at Hume.

The way we are promoting our juniors through all age groups is something I am very happy to see. “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough” springs to mind and I hope that seeing players such as Deniz, Kristian, Jonas, Karl Baricevic breaking into the senior squad inspires the rest of our juniors to do the same.

Well done to the Coaches and Players, keep up the good work.


[IMAGE: Daniel Hassett]

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