Hume City U16 Girls In First Win

On 15 March 2016 our U16 Girls took on Keilor Park with a 7pm kickoff at ABD Stadium.

This game proved to be a great testament of what the season will uphold for our girls as both teams will be playing in the same U16 Girls North-West B Division this season.


The weather conditions were perfect and the game was underway.


First year players Ece Babayigit, Marwa Osman, Yasemine Ercan and Yaren Ayan played in their second ever debut game of football, as well as our new coach’s recruited players Hayet and Yasmine Dabbouss.

The message was loud and clear from Coach Bee to the girls in their pre-game preparations, meeting and warmup.  We were there to deliver a great performance and show Victoria what we can do (even after only being together as a complete team for a few weeks).


Keilor Park kicked the first goal at the 5.16” which was followed by an amazing counter by one of our young and talented up and coming footballer’s Mia Bertola, which levelled the scores 1-1 at the 8.01”.  Keilor Park went on to further score another quick goal at the 10.10” which was followed up yet again with Hayet Dabbouss delivering her first ever debut goal for our Hume City team at the 13.21”. Keilor Park were yet again able to score another goal at the 18.56” (just before our drink breaks).  The girls at all times we reinforced to keep their heads up high throughout the entirey of the game and continue to play in the manner in which we trained, keeping effective possession and building up play to create goal scoring opportunities.  The girls came back immediately into the first half scoring a another goal by our midfielder Hannah Bowater at the 24.46”.  We went on to play and maintain possession and building up play from our defence, through to midfield and to our attack, when Mia created a fantastic cross to Hayet Dabbous who created a great combination play and passed to our striker Veronica Silva who scored yet again at the 36.58”.  This was an intense and at half time the scores were Hume City 4 to Keilor Park 3.


The girls came into half time feeling nervous but were motivated by some key players of the squad to keep their heads up high.  The message was clear at half time and we were here in front of our home club and spectators on the grand stand.  We were there to win and prove ourselves as not only girls, but as a first year team.  We played for respect from our peers and thrived to achieve throughout the second half to achieve the results we needed to achieve to prove ourselves.

Hume City girls were pumped up going into the second half and managed to score yet another impressive goal by our winger Mia Bertola at the 48.17” which was assisted and set up for her by Dilara.  Keilor Park managed to maintain intensity and pressure as they scored another goal at the 58.49”.


The final scores were Hume City 5 to Keilor Park 4.


What was proved to be a high scoring intense game, both teams played towards the expectations of their coaching staff and clubs.


On behalf of Hume City U16 Girls we would like to thank all the spectators, members of the club and family and friends who attended our game to support our girls on their first debut home game.


Coach Bianca Celano says, “Well done girls – you did extremely well. I am proud of your performance and never say die attitude.  Enjoy the win, keep focused, determined, train hard, believe in yourselves and your team mates, concentrate, and you will achieve and succeed in everything we set out to do this season.”


We are looking forward to a great season ahead for our very first Hume City Girls team.


Our next game will be this Sunday (20/3/16) at 2pm to be held against Fawkner SC at home (ABD Stadium).  Please feel free to come down to the club to cheer on our girls!!!

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